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Got Questions?

We've got answers.


Where's your home base?
Riverside, CA 

Free local Pick-up at Events, that's awesome! How does it work?
Don't feel like paying for shipping? No worries, we are located in Riverside, CA and are frequently at events! To find out where we'll be next check it out HERE.
We're happy to do Event pick-up, product is available immediately but please see the below requirements.

What we need from you:
-Come to the event during event hours to pick up your product.*
-You MUST bring a valid ID in order for us to release the order.*
--If you want to release the order to someone else, you MUST email us 24 hours in advance with their full name, they MUST bring a valid ID.*

*Failure to follow these requirements may cause a delay in receiving your order, we are not responsible for these delays. Valid ID's must have full name and photo of person.

Help! My Pre-Workout has started to clump. What can I do?
Don't worry, its not bad! To ensure best quality keep the silica packet buried in the powder, the product out of extreme heat and away from water. To keep product from clumping simply roll the container (lid on!) every so often to keep powder loose. If clumping begins, simply stir with fork and store in dark, cool area. 

What are the ingredients in Pure Fury products?
Check out our ingredient breakdown HERE.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?
Not at the moment, but soon! 

Do you offer wholesale? 
Lets talk, reach out to

How long will it take to receive my order?
It'll take around 3-5 days to process before they are shipped out. Depending on your location you should receive your order within 5-9 business days within the United States. Tracking numbers will be included in your confirmation emails.

If you placed an order during a launch weekend, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped due to HIGH volume.

*Please note: We are not responsible for lost mail. 

*Shipping Address: Please check your shipping address to make sure it's correct. If it's not, please contact us as soon as possible. If your package is returned due to an incorrectly submitted mailing address, we will be more than happy to resend it, however, you will be responsible for paying the postage costs for reshipment. 

What if I need something quicker than standard shipping?
Please use the contact form to contact us before you purchase. 

What is this store's return and exchange policy?
Unfortunately due to the small nature of our company, we do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Please read product descriptions before purchasing!

*We are here to help though, so if you're not satisfied please reach out to us at

What if something is wrong with my order?
If there's a problem with your order, please contact us directly at and include your name and invoice number so we can sort it out.

What if my item got damaged in the mail?
Please reach out to us at so we can do our best to fix the issue.